Sunday, June 7, 2009

So big, yet so little...

My daughter Avery is a pixie. She's seriously a tiny little thing. We didn't know it when we named her, that Avery means "Elf ruler", and given she was nearly 9 pounds at birth, we had no idea how fitting her name would be. But, now she's 3.5 years old, and 3 feet tall, and 28 pounds even as of this morning, she is most definitely elf like, sweet little pixie!

Avery's got a great personality, its big when she's very little. She's loud, she's rowdy, she's intensely intelligent, and incredibly funny. She's also very strong willed. Avery is due to start kindergarten in September, and we're both excited and nervous about this. We're confidant in her ability to excel academically, she knows he alphabet, her colors, her numbers, her shapes, she can spell her name and recognize many words by sight, school work isn't going to be an issue for her at all! What we are worried about, is the potty. Avery's been a potty training hold out.

We started training her last summer when she was 2.5 years old. It worked beautifully. In a matter of a few short weeks we had Avery completely potty trained, she would even pee on the little toilet at the mall, we were so impressed. Then Avery got sick, really, really sick with a terrible bout of gastroenteritis. She was laid low for two weeks, she was lethargic, and felt horrible, and experienced all kinds potty accidents that you would expect to come around with a stomach bug, poor baby. And once that passed, she wanted nothing to do with the potty at all. We gave her time though, she was still young, there was no rush, we assumed she'd come around again soon, so we waited. And we waited and waited and waited some more, she never came around again. This brings us to now. She's 3.5 years old, sharp as tack and ready to start school in a few short months. We need to get this potty business back on track. Plus, I hate when people ask me "is she still in diapers?!" with horrified looks on their faces. I want to snap back "so what! She's absolutely brilliant and healthy, who cares if she hasn't mastered the toilet yet!" But I don't, because I know they've got a point, she really needs to learn, but she's my baby.

She's my first born, my little princess, I can't believe soon she'll be all potty trained and in school! Where did the time go? Maybe I've been holding her back a little, so now I guess I really have to cheer her on, she can do this, I know she can, time to let her grow up just a little and reach these milestones. I'll just sit home while she's at school and pour over her baby pictures, and her baby book and reminisce (sniff, sniff).

Today we started a 3 day potty training blitz. Friends of ours who have tried this method fully stand behind it and rave about their successes. I'm excited and encouraged, hopefully 3 days from now, Avery will have made the transition from toddler on the verge, to full fledged big girl. Bitter sweet.

Just look at this little angel? Isn't she precious? She makes my heart skip a beat, if she'd let me, I'd hold her all day long.

She's got amazing brown eyes, deep, thoughtful eyes, they're hypnotizing! This big brown eyes may serve her very, very well in school, lets hope he teacher has a soft spot for puppy dog eyes ;)

Who in their right mind would be able to resist, or deny my sweet girl? Not me, not ever! She'll forever be my baby, even when she's 18 years old and insists she's not, even when she's old and grey and has babies and grandbabies of her own. She'll ALWAYS be my baby....

Seems like just yesterday she really was one. (Sniff, sniff.... I'll be okay).

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  1. What a sweet post, Katie! I feel you on the potty training. We're still trying with Hannah to master the poop part and I am worrying about being ready in August for pre-K! I'll be watching to see if it works for you! (btw..this is Lisa, bookmom, from idob!)