Monday, July 20, 2009

A nice quiet day with the kids...........

Today has been a good day so far. Nice. Quiet. Peaceful. Its bright and sunny outside, all the the windows are open and a cool breeze is blowing through. The TV is off, the kids have been playing all morning, and are now both laying down for a nap. I feel contended. Its great. Days like these bring up images in my head of quiet farms with big wrap around porches and big porch swings and of unhurried days, I've always loved day dreaming of days like this, picture perfect and old fashioned!

Anyway, today is shaping up to be a really great day. Elvis is working and its just been me and the kids, we've had breakfast and lunch, made messes and cleaned them up time and time again. We've sat rather quietly and we've been awfully noisy. Nice. Relaxing. Fun. I've had lots of time to study and soak up my kids, they're incredibly fascinating little people! Here's what I've learned so far..........

*Landon snorts when he laughs, its darling and hilarious all at once!

*Avery still has sweet fuzzy shoulders like she did when she was a baby, precious!

*Landon is very opinionated and defiant! He's added "Uh uh!" and "No!" to his vocabulary before adding "Mama". In fact, when I ask him to say Mama, he says "Uh uh" and "No!".

*Avery's a smooth talker, a right little scam artist! When she wants something (for instance, an Oreo cookie for breakfast) and I tell her no, she leans in nice and close, speaks very softly while rubbing my arm ever so gently and says "Its okay mom, it is, its okay, I can have (insert whatever she wants right here)" while staring at me with her big brown eyes! She totally works me over!

*They both have incredibly beautiful fringes of dark thick eye lashes, its unfair!

*Landon loves babies. He picks up any random stuffed toy or doll and holds it close and says "Ahhhh (translation: Awwww)" while patting its back and kissing it, so cute!

*Avery's a firecracker! Easily frustrated. She wants immediate gratification, and hates set backs, delays and problem solving. Her solution to a "problem" or a "bump in the road", yell at it ;)

*Neither of them is very fond of napping ;) Landon is fighting it with everything he has and is clearly, and quite vocally expressing his desire to come back and play, and Avery has just decided to play in her room, I can hear her flipping pages in her book and changing CD's in her CD player. Neither of them is coming out until I get some Mama quiet time! How can I blog about how fun and cute they are if they don't give me a tiny time out from the fun and the cuteness?

Anyway, today is a nice quiet day (so far). I feel happy and blessed and optimistic (if not frazzled and tired and a bit annoyed that nap time is playing out as planned). Its nice to have a day like today, that brings the focus on to whats good and exhilarating and lively about life, and gives me a tiny break from focusing on the hurts.


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