Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I took this picture yesterday......

This is what pure joy and contentment looks like. Moments like this don't happen very often in our house, but when they do it absolutely melts my heart! This particular act of affection was completely Landon's idea. I watched with baited breath as he reached for her and waited for her to give him a shove or reject him completely and for the tears to follow. But, she didn't, she accepted his hug, just look at the look on her face, she seems happy and appreciative of his impromptu showing of love. Its wonderful.

I love that Avery and Landon are becoming buddies. They fight a lot, but they do play together too, and I'm relieved that they're friends. When I was pregnant with the boys I fretted over whether or not Avery would feel put out by a new baby, but I hoped that she and the new baby would be good little play mates, happy to have one another. When I found out I was having twins I though, uh oh, Avery's new play mate is bringing a play mate! But those feelings quickly subsided and I realized that both boys would likely adore Avery and she'd enjoy mentoring both of them. Landon and Everett grew and grew and I loved to day dream about the great friends they'd be, how close a bond they would have, they would be born with a best friend and soul mate, how exciting for them. So, when Everett died, I worried about Landon, and how he would cope with the absence of his his closest friend, brother and soul mate. I believe Landon grieved Everett though he didn't know why or for what he grieved. He seemed lonely, and needed constant contact with us, I think he missed proximity and the warmth and comfort that comes with sharing a small space with someone for so long. I don't know that Landon will continue to grieve, but I assume that if he does, he won't ever be able to put his finger on exactly why he grieves. I am happy that he and Avery have become buddies.

I am happy that they have each other.

I'm happy I have pictures like these ...........

And I love that they have moments like this (quietly sharing breakfast)......

My kids just amaze me. It amazes me how much love I have for them, how much hope they provide and how much joy they bring to every day!


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